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Our Culinary Boxes

Bored with cooking at home? Tired of the usual? Pressed for time to cook? We at Spring Hill Greens are also feeling all of the above. In a time of so much difficulty and hardship, we wanted to give you something to jazz up your eating at home life. Change meh to meeeeow. Make it easy and quick to turn an every-day dish into a beautiful creation.

With that in mind, we present to you a whole new take on microgreens and baby herbs mixes. Our culinary boxes are full of a variety of greens, ready to top mostly any dish and spruce up your home cookin'. We think of them as a big green hug. And we all need hugs these days.


The “Easy Button.” Throw these versatile microgreens and baby herb blends atop of anything. It’ll turn anything into a tasty super star. And don’t let our descriptions stifle your creativity, these are good on everything from breakfast eggs to stews to pizza to burgers. 


Nacho Typical Taco Mix


A fiesta for your food! So good on fish tacos, or tacos of any sort, nachos, burritos, tortilla soup, enchiladas, quesadillas, queso, etc! But don’t let these suggestions limit your creativity, these add nutrition and flavor to anything.


  • Radish

  • Baby Cilantro

  • Onion / Chives

  • Sunflower


Bowl Me Over #1-  Aromatic Asian Baby Herb Mix


Throw these into or atop a bowl of just about anything. The Pad Thai I just cooked from a box? Sprinkled with a handful of this mix, looks like hours were spent in the kitchen. Top Ramen or the just-rehydrated Pho in the paper cup? Add these babies to your bowl and Top Ramen is tastier and more nutritious than it has a right to be. 


  • Baby Thai Basil

  • Baby Cilantro

  • Baby Mint

  • Baby Onion / Chives


Bowl Me Over #2- Adventurous Asian Baby Herbs and Microgreens Mix


These green gems are well suited to Asian/Asian inspired/Asian fusion dishes. But let's talk about shiso. This little bugger is rare is in the market and adds a new complexity to your dishes. Transforms even packaged ramen into something special.


  • Baby Shiso

  • Baby Thai Basil

  • Pea Shoots

  • Micro Daikon Radish


We can also make a custom-grown mix for bulk orders! Please inquire using our contact form.


All of our microgreens and baby herbs are grown from seed, harvested by hand, and washed and boxed with love in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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