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Our Singles Boxes

Bored with cooking at home? Tired of the usual? Pressed for time to cook? We at Spring Hill Greens are also feeling all of the above. In a time of so much difficulty and hardship, we wanted to give you something to jazz up your eating at home life. Change meh to meeeeow. Make it easy and quick to turn an every-day dish into a beautiful creation.

With that in mind, we present to you an array of single varieties. Our single variety boxes are full of a microgreens or baby herbs, ready to top mostly any dish and spruce up your home cookin'. We think of them as a big green hug. And we all need hugs these days.


The “Easy Button.” Throw these versatile microgreens and baby herbs atop of anything. It’ll turn anything into a tasty super star, as well as pack a nutritional punch into any meal. And don’t let our descriptions stifle your creativity, these are good on everything from breakfast eggs to stews to pizza to burgers. 


Single Varieties - readily available

  • Sunnies - Sunflower Shoots

  • Baby Basil - Genovese Basil

  • Mint

Other Available Varieties


  • Custom Orders - For restaurants and vendors, please contact us directly for pricing and more information. All custom orders require variant lead time to seed, grow, and harvest. Most varieties require ~10 days, while others may require up to a month. Once we have you on our schedule, we can deliver weekly to the Larimer County area.




All of our microgreens and baby herbs are grown from seed, harvested by hand, and washed and boxed with love in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We can accommodate custom-grown singles for bulk orders for restaurants and grocery stores! Please inquire using our contact form.

Primary Varieties:


Mustard Spinach


Baby Cilantro

Baby Genovese Basil

Specialty Varieties:

Red Komatsuna (Spinach Mustard)
Red-Veined Sorrel


Microgreen Salad Mix with Baby Lettuces
Baby Thai Basil

Baby Dill

Baby Onion

Baby Chive

Baby Fennel

      If a variety you're interested in is not listed, please use our contact form to inquire. We can most likely order the seed and custom grow it for you!

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