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Our Gourmet SaladMixes

Bored with cooking at home? Tired of the usual? Pressed for time to cook? We at Spring Hill Greens are also feeling all of the above. In a time of so much difficulty and hardship, we wanted to give you something to jazz up your eating at home life. Changing meh to meeeeow, and making it easy and quick to turn an every-day dish into a beautiful creation.

With that in mind, we present to you a whole new take on salad mixes, microgreens and baby herbs. We think of them as a big green hug, and we all need hugs these days.


Our salad mixes are a combination of things small and green into something completely new. Never before offered in a washed and bagged salad mix, our salad mixes are a blend of baby lettuces, leafy greens, microgreens and herbs. The bonus: your salad has never been this exciting, flavorful and effortless. Bonus bonus: You get so much more nutrition than in your average bag of baby greens.


“Sunshine of My Love” Mix (aka Sunshine Mix)


“Sunshine of My Love” by Cream -    

“I’ve been waiting for so long

            To be where I’m going

                        In the sunshine of your love.”


This salad mix is so good. It’s been in the sunshine and grown with love. What more is needed?


  • Baby Lettuce & Leafy Greens Mixture

  • Micro Sunflower

  • Micro Radish

  • Micro Kale

  • Pea Shoots


Micro Magic Mix


Move over bagged salad mix. Micro Magic Mix will change your salad life forever. We bring to your salad bowl a variety of veggies, with no chopping necessary. It’s magical.


  • Baby Lettuce & Leafy Greens Mixture

  • Micro Radish

  • Micro Broccoli

  • Pea Shoots

  • Mustard Spinach or Arugula


Blue Moon Mix

Conceived of on the eve of the Blue Moon, this mix is dreamy. An eye catching combo to showcase the beauty and diversity of the humble leaf. It will put you over the moon.

  • Baby Lettuce & Leafy Greens Mixture

  • Baby Red Komatsuna

  • Red-Veined Sorrel

  • Baby Basil


Jam Band Mix


Sometimes you just have to invite everyone over, sit in a (socially distant) circle and start playing. Our Jam Band mixes are seasonal and will vary based on what plants are jamming and howlin’ at the moon. They will always include our baby lettuce mix and a variety of greens and herbs of our choice.


We are happy to discuss crafting you a custom-grown mix for bulk orders! Please inquire using our contact form.

All of our lettuces, microgreens, and baby herbs are grown from seed, harvested by hand, and washed and boxed with love in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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